Women’s 2016 designer sneakers: the latests trends

Women’s fashion sneakers are the real deal for those who are looking for elegant and practical shoes. There are several types of women’s designer┬ásneakers, each having its own special characteristics.

Designer sneakers

There are plenty of sneaker designers all within the fashion industry. From Saint Laurent to Moa to Ash to Tory Burch to Hogan to Golden Goose. Each of them has its fair share of quality-driven products and exceptional models ready to marvel and astonish. Whether the main difference lies on the type of material or the colour or size or shape of the product, all of these brands are among the top of the list.

Fashion sneakers

Each year provides with a plethora of fashion sneakers. From Air Jordan, black leather-based, icy outsole, to the famous and fan-favourite Vans, perfect for skating, to Adidas’ Wood Wood ultra boost, real “it” shoes due to the way in which they led several designer to create their own version of it.

Wedge sneakers

Wedge sneakers are among the most comfortable sneakers in the fashion world. They are perfect to be worn on spring or summer. The comfort of a sneaker combined with the comfort of a wedge is the key point that made these models a very popular shoe trend.

Ash wedge sneakercartellino-regina

Sneakers outfits

Nothing seems to suit the need for sneakers best than the following models, which belong to Golden Goose.

Gold glittery sneakers

Golden Goose has made a model unique and extremely elegant. It is women’s gold glitter sneakers, 100% glitter, rubber sole. Quite an easy and affordable solution for all those who are looking for the trend.

Shiny sneaker

If you’re searching for something shinier but hued differently, go search Golden Goose women’s silver rubber sneakers. It is one of the brand’s most recognized and recognizable models. It is made of 100% rubber, the rubber sole can step upon any type of ground without being encumbered or hindered in any way.

High top sneakers

cartellino-regina-aGOLDEN GOOSE glitter SNEAKERSHigh top sneakers include models from Golden Goose. Women’s silver glitter high top sneakers is the perfect example of high top sneakers that prove comfortable and chic. It’s 100% glitter, and the sole is made of rubber. Sneaker heels are the current trend. Able to be used for any kind of sport activity, they also prove easily pairings for more formal dresses and situations. Hogan’s black leather sneakers are one of the most popular models in the list. They’re comfortable and elegant enough to be boasted around in any social situation.


Whether you like them shiny or with a more classic design, sneakers are one of the latest trends in women fashion and can make any outfit casual.