Top designer women’s bags

Top designer women’s bags have managed to develop their preciousness throughout the years. Each brand has its own peculiarity. Gucci’s bags are somewhat another world in comparison with Phillip Lim’s products, and so on. Let’s have a look at the top designer women’s bags.

Phillip Lim bags

Phillip Lim bags are among the most precious and delectable bags in the fashion world. Regina Shoes collection includes a model of Phillip Lim named Cyan Women’s light blue leather handbag. When luxury meets comfort, such a peculiar handbag must show up. Its light blue color gives the article a well-balanced allure, seaside-like.

Gucci bags

Gucci bags has always been one of the most iconic brands for what concerns bags, handbags, shoulder bags, and so on. One may think of the Dionysus Milan bag, which Gucci presented last December. It has been a favourite amongst some of Hollywood’s chicest women: from Beyoncé to Sienna Miller to Madonna.

Coach bags

Rouge, Tea Rose, Dinky, Rexy. These are some of the most famous and successful bags made by Coach . They also are incredibly popular for their inner quality. From the black Rexy tote bag to the mini Tea Rose bag, choices are wide and numerous. You only have to select which article fits best with your personal sensibility.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton has created plenty of buzz-worthy bags. Now the Brand New Runway Bag has made its debut a few weeks ago on Louis Vuitton’s Spring 2017 runway. It is a special bag that does not feature top handles and seems a bit of a stylistic departure from LV’s traditional work. Still, it will prove successful and widely awaited.

Prada bags

Prada bags are made with an impressive attention to details and are widely renowned for the quality of their materials. Now, for the upcoming season, the brand intended to recreate its style by making a good-looking, top-handled day bag, adorned with vertical lines. Its bags now will feel modern and chic enough to support even more changes.

Celine bags

From Rust Pythone Suede Tote bags, to triple zip Python Red clutches, to luggage handbags of grainy leather, Celine has managed to realize quite an impressive collection of fashion products. They still capture each customer’s feelings and needs. This season will prove amazing for the brand, as newer models are about to come out. Most important designers for bags

Some of the most important and popular designers are also Saint Laurent, Zanellato and Givenchy.