Top designer women’s shoes

We have made a list of eight of the top designer women’s shoes of the fashion world. Labelling a brand and putting it on a ranking scale is not quite an easy task. We have followed some of the most relevant trends pertaining to the fashion industry, in order to do so. So, here is our personal list of top women’s designer shoe brands.


Gucci is one of the most popular Italian luxury brands. It is based in Florence, but it has hundreds of headquarters all around the world. Influential and progressive, Gucci has managed to reinvent a wholly modern approach to fashion. Thanks to the vision of creative director Alessandro Michele, who redefined luxury and blended together romanticism and contemporary art. Its products represent the pinnacle of Italian craftmanship. Their quality and attention to detail is unquestioned. Flat shoes by Gucci are quite a good choice when it comes to price vs quality terms.

Miu Miu

Miu Miu has made eclecticity its personal trade-mark. It is an Italian high fashion women’s clothing brand and a fully owned subsidiary of Prada, one of the most famous and largest fashion houses of the world. Its name is strongly linked to top class luxurious fashion. Its history encompasses decades of transformation, change, difficulties. But today Prada is a top class brand. Miu Miu is none the less a successful company. Its high heels are an extraordinary example of how the Brand insists on creating unique products. Its suede gold metallic boots are also quite a comfortable and elegant choice.

Stuart Weitzman

Stuart Weitzman women’s shoes are among the best choices you could make. Made with intriguing materials that are not commonly found in shoes, they give a decent and elegant comfort, and can be adapted to any kind of style. High heels and boots are among the best-seller of the industry.

Brian Atwood

Brian Atwood’s High-end thigh-high boots are variegated and very colorful. And they are absolutely worth their price. They are manufactured in Italy before being exported worldwide. That gives them an intrinsic Italian shade. They’re among the nicest women’s shoes of the fashion world.

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen doesn’t seem too worried about experimenting with shoes. Its products are wondrous and quite bizarre. They combine 16th century design and 21st century style in a curious yet winning mix. That might be

Walter Steiger

Steiger is worldwide known and renowned for the quality of its shues. They are innovative, unique and creative. Curvy heels are Steiger’s trademark, due to the special shape that characterizes them. No wonder if they are sold easily year after year.

Christian Louboutin

Shoes with red soles and high heels are a specialty for Christian Louboutin. This Brand is renowned worldwide for the attention to detail of all its product. Its shoes are always fascinating for its colorful and entertaining shapes and forms. Christian Louboutin’s Sexy Strass was the most expensive women’s shoes product from the Brand’s 2013 collection.

Jimmy Choo

Several Hollywood’s celebrities wear Jimmy Choo shoes. They are frequently the shoes of choice for walking down the Red Carpet. Jimmy Choo has been around the fashion industry since the 1980s, and has managed to acquire a wide following.

Paloma Barcelò

Paloma Barcelò doesn’t need any presentation. Throughout the years, this Brand has managed to conquer the heart and attention of luxury-driven consumers. Paloma Barcelò is widely regarded as a major house of fashion all over the world. Its espadrilles and rope-soled wedges are still the brand’s best-selling products, due to the high quality of their materials. 

Saint Laurent

Saint Laurent has realized some of the most famous and celebrated shoes in the history of the fashion industry. Boots and sandals are among the best choices you can make every time you’re craving for something unique and original.