How much is a YSL bag?

The Brand’s products are among the most popular and renowned in the fashion world. How much is a Ysl bag? Let’s check it out in the following article.

Yves Saint Laurent bags

Yves Saint Laurent bags are among the most luxurious products in the fashion world. They owe their longevity and success to the particular way of combining together elegance and innovation. Yves Saint Laurent bags mirror the inmost quality of the Brand, which was founded in 1961. This fashion house never feared any change and battled against the idea that it could not be possible to modernise one’s own collection without losing its tradition and identity.

Golden clutches: let your outfit shine

download2Ysl clutch is one of the best choices you can make when thinking of buying a product from Ysl. Simple, fashionable and charming, each Ysl clutch shares a particular tone of modernity in its texture. Whether it is a model in glittering black, or in black leather, Ysl clutch’s quality never ceases to amaze and impress.


Hold your cards with style

download-2Saint Laurent Women’s card holder is based on 100% leather.It’s 13 cm wide, 13 cm high and 1 cm deep. It’s one of the most useful and popular cardholders in the fashion world. You can fill it with as many cards as you need to, without having to face any problem of space or size. Its texture is rich in details and gives it another kind of quality that works well.


YSL shoulder bag: perfect for work

The mdownloadost popular among Ysl shoulder bags is the monogram shoulder bag. It features zip closure, open pockets and card slots inside. It’s 24 cm wide, 17 cm high and 1 cm deep. Its black color can fit any kind of clothing, from casual to custom to haute-couture.


Let’s get creative

download-1Fringe bag is going to be one of the fastest growing trends on the upcoming season. That’s why Ysl fringe bag is perfect to suit the needs and tastes of many a fashion-addicted. This is the case of black leather fringe bag, very practical for a dinner with friends. Fringe bucket bag is also quite successful. It is a medium between a tote and a clutch. It’s definitely a best-selling item of the fashion world.


Ysl wallet: a must have accessory

download1Cardholders seem to have been a staple of Ysl production since the beginning of the Brand’s activity. That can easily explain why Ysl cardholders are so minutely detailed and quality-based. Among them, the black leather wallet model is quite the most popular and impressive. The hardware is golden-tone.


How much is a Ysl bag?

Ysl bags’ prices may vary, according to the type of product and model you’re looking for. Prices can stretch between 400 and 1000 euros. One of the most expensive item of Ysl is women’s black leather clutch. Due to the extremely brilliant quality of the materials, and the attention to detail, it is one of the most renowned products of the Brand.