Ideas for quick healthy fish recipes

Ideas for quick healthy fish recipes

Healthy fish recipes include several types of fish-stews. Have you ever had the opportunity to try it? Next time you’ll be visiting Italy, be sure then to try it by following one of Italian tips. Healthy fish recipes are easy to prepare, if you know the proper ingredients to use and the right amount of time to wait.

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Salmon recipes

When it comes to healthy food, no other fish can be more suited to figure at the top as salmon does. Salmon is an extremely versatile meal, healthy and full of vitamins and minerals. You can steam it in the oven, or come out with a baked salmon salad, a crispy-skinned salmon with potato or spicy salmon with broccoli croquettes. Basa fish is also an healthy eating option. And how about some shrimps?

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White fish recipes

White fish are fish with light and white flesh in which much of their oils is concentrated in the liver. They provide an excellent choice for all those who are looking for a healthy meal. Among the species belonging to white fish, popular and typical are cod, haddock, Coley and Pollack, as well as grey mullet, gurnard and sea bass. That being said, there’s plenty of white fish recipes you can take a look at, such as Cod with lemon and capers, or creamy haddock gratins.

Seafood recipes

You may also want to try out an excellent Portofino Fish recipe: spicy stewed squid and potato, which is one of Italian most popular and beloved fish-based meals.

Besides the typical stews, you can also approach several different recipes having to deal with other preparations of fish. You can batter fish or make a fish soup such as Caciucco, the famous Tuscan meal, consisting of a mixture of numerous varieties of fish.