Finest Italian meat dishes

Finest Italian meat dishes

There’s plenty of Italian meat dishes, each of them having its own peculiar taste and flavor. If you are one of those happy few who prefer a main course based on meat, instead of a pasta-based meal, then you’re in the right place. Italian meat dishes are among the most appreciated types of food of our cuisine.

Italian meat-based meals

You can look at numerous varieties of meat-based meals, according to your personal tastes and desiders. Braciola, consisting of slices of meat that are grilled, is one of the most beloved. You may also want to try Cotechino, a product that is similar to salami, but is boiled and served with lentils on New Year’s Eve. Ossobuco, a Milanese speciality of cross-cut veal shanks that are braised with vegetables, broth and white wine, is another popular Italian meal. Salsiccia, another staple of Italian food, is a forte of our culinarty tradition.

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Tuscan meat

Do you long for a dense and pregnant meat-based meal? Then, Fiorentina steak is the real deal! Usually served as the main course, this type of T-bone steak is a favorite of Tuscan cuisine, and is grilled over a charcoal fire, seasoned with salt or black pepper, and topped with olive oil. Its meat comes from Chianina beef, which is one of the oldest cattle breeds in the world.

We are also renowned for our Italian beef stew, a type of stew that can (or must!) be enjoyed with a glass of red wine, and mixes up very efficiently ingredients and meals belonging to two different parts of the course, blending them in a unique and unforgettable dish.