Dinner party ideas – main course, meals and dessert

Dinner party ideas - main course, meals and dessert

Run out of dinner party ideas? You are going to host a dinner party, but you don’t know what kind of meal to serve your guests? Do you want to make a good impression by using few ingredients and do it as fast as you can? Then, these dinner party ideas will absolutely work their way.

Quick dinner ideas

Are you searching for simple and quick ideas for your dinner? Start with conceiving the menu. It must be simple and ready to be made in a few minutes. Are you ready? Let’s get a look at the first course:

Dinner party starters

You could try out spinach pasta with shrimps. It is a very simple and quick recipe that goes well with any kind of dinner menu. It’s one of the most reliable recipes when one is very late and needs a couple of minutes in order to serve his guests. You can also experiment with broccoli or other types of vegetables (leeks, artichokes).

Dinner party meals

Dinner party meals don’t have to be heavy. Think light, be light. Try to prepare something that is easy to digest and enjoy. Sometimes, simplest things are the most delicious to eat and admire. That can easily be said for meals as well.

Would you like to try a traditional Italian Meal? Discover menu from Tuscany, Venice, Rome, Portofino Langhe and Dolomiti.

Dinner party main course

Lamb sticks are very simple and quick to prepare. They can be used both as appetizers and as a main course. You can also prepare spicy roast chicken, perfect to be enjoyed with a bottle of white wine. Remember not to rely on dishes that may be too heavy to enjoy. Be light.

Dinner party desserts

Strawberry tart with honey cream is the perfect dessert to end your dinner party. Or you could try out lemon meringue cheesecake, a sweet and delicate pie dressed with creamy cheesecake.