Best white wines for cooking

Best white wines for cooking Italian dishes

White wines can be quite the rightest choice to consider for cooking. Their scent and taste are extremely good to blend and mix with a first course or a main dish. They can also occur as the main ingredient of various types of sauces whose flavour is delicious. So, when you think of white wines for cooking, make sure to consider the best varieties of grapes that you can count on.

What is the best white wine to cook with?

Make sure that you have a crisp or dry white wine. We suggest a moderately priced white wine such as Pinot Grigio, or Sauvignon Blanc. They have a moderate alcohol content, especially Pinot Grigio. If you like sparkling wine, you can choose Prosecco, a white wine grape variety that tastes sweeter than traditional Champagne.

What wine to serve with pasta?

What really counts, when matching wine with pasta, is the flavour of the sauce you use. If you have a tomato-based sauce and you’re thinking about a tomato-based starter, you can use Pinot Grigio. If you’re keen on seafood courses such as spaghetti alle vongole, or with mussels, you may use Frascati or Chardonnay. Whether you are ready to serve spaghetti with meatballs, or sausages-based sauces, you’d rather use a red wine variety, even if white wines such as Verdicchio are also strongly recommended.

Italian white wines

Do you know that our Country is the world’s largest wine producer by volume, having over 300 different grape varieties? Italian white wines, though less famous than the red ones, are among the tastiest and best wines of our tradition.

Types of white wine

There are several types and varieties of white wine, each having its own peculiar trait. The most popular Italian white wines comprise a wide range of varieties, stretching from the light and fresh ones such as Pinot Grigio, or Verdicchio, to the dry ones: Trebbiano or Vermentino, crisp and similar to Pinot Grigio.

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